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while i d love to contribute yet another list of practical things you can do to make life simpler i often find lists to be overwhelming you don t know where to begin how many tips to apply and where you ll apply them in your life, black hat usa 2017 briefings - stepping up our game re focusing the security community on defense and making security work for everyone since the first black hat conference 20 years ago the security community industry and the world have changed to the point that it s time to re examine whether we re living up to our responsibilities and potential, higher awareness self improvement courses personal - awaken your awareness and you awaken your life awareness is the bottom line for how we experience life awaken 7 levels of awareness from senses to attention to perceptions to healing to creativity to intuition to blissful states and yes to manifesting itself, the dark side of physician finance why you have a target - the dark side of the financial services industry sees targets on the backs of physicians why that is and what you can do about it in today s guest post, you are your life and nothing else new philosopher - 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