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speedball drawing lettering speedball art - speedball s proud heritage for pen making began in 1899 when the c howard hunt pen company began manufacturing and distributing steel pens nearly two decades later in 1913 hunt sought to improve upon the functionality of the lettering tools of the day and joined forces with master letterers ross f george and william h gordon in 1913 to contrive and perfect a nib with a reservoir, the speedball textbook a comprehensive guide to pen and - the speedball textbook a comprehensive guide to pen and brush lettering 23rd twenth third edition joanne fink judy kastin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers an educational volume teaching calligraphy there are 15 lettering styles described there is information regarding the tools required to use this art, speedball art products sb2961 6 nib calligraphy lettering set - i am new to the world of calligraphy but am a long time fan of fountain pens and ink these calligraphy nibs have been a great introduction the set comes with 6 different brass nibs of different sizes and shapes and a holder, speedball water soluble block printing inks blick art - for school or studio block printing with linoleum wood block flexible vinyl plate and polyfoam inks have excellent tack for uniform coverage clean up with water, speedball no 5 artists set blick art materials - set for lettering and pen drawing includes 6 speedball lettering pen nibs and holder plus 2 hunt school dip pens and a crow quill holder, how to draw gotcha tanglepatterns com - gotcha today s lovely tangle is from belgian czt karin godyns and it s her first on the site karin is from waregem in the dutch speaking part of belgium in between the cost side and ghent gotcha is a very easy tangle to draw with such a nice polished result that almost has a celtic