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the great book of amber the complete amber chronicles 1 - roger zelazny s books have three things in common a flawed hero who sometimes fails endlessly surprising plot twists and a blend of lyricism literary allusions and sly puns that makes the pages fly, amazon com nine princes in amber book one the - nine princes in amber book one the chronicles of amber 1 kindle edition by roger zelazny download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets, the chronicles of amber wikipedia - the chronicles of amber is a series of fantasy novels by american writer roger zelazny the main series consists of two story arcs each five novels in length additionally there are a number of amber short stories and other works, the chronicles of amber literature tv tropes - the chronicles of amber is a fantasy series by roger zelazny originally a series of five novels released from 1970 1977 about corwin prince of amber it, geek girl mistress zelda - books top 5 his dark materials phillip pullman amber chronicles roger zelazny illuminatus trilogy robert anton wilson cat s cradle kurt vonnegut